Monday, June 14, 2010

Lavender water

The allmighty Wikipedia states this about the use of lavender:
According to folk wisdom, lavender has many uses. Infusions of lavender soothe and heal insect bites. Bunches of lavender repel insects. If applied to the temples, lavender oil soothes headaches. In pillows, lavender seeds and flowers aid sleep and relaxation.
 And oh, it smells sooooooo good! To make a natural and very low cost allround product of lavender- go for lavender water!
I made a bottle of lavender water out of 4 tablespoons dried lavender to 0.5 litres of boiling water. Boil water, add lavender and cool in a pot. Pour in clean bottle or container. You can strain the lavender or not, I chose not to. I have used it (so far) as soothing agent of sunburn and as footbath (glorious!). I plan to experiment further with spritzing some lavender water on the bed sheets before ironing.